Sunday, January 27, 2008

Is it at all possible?

Is it at all possible that we could put some sort of moratorium on the Jay-Z cameo/guest appearance/two-minute rap insert? It's getting really freakin' old. I just did an informal count and I swear that that probably over 50% of songs for sale on iTunes are advertised as "featuring Jay-Z."

I don't like to use cliches or anything, but I think it would quite literally be easier to find a needle in a haystack than a song on iTunes WITHOUT a Jay-Z cameo. Just this week I tried to download this Rhianna song for my workout mix, and I had to buy THREE versions before I got the one without Jay-Z in the background shouting, "Oh, oh, Rihanna! Little lady! You so crazy!" Ugh. It makes my ears burn just to type that out.

Will someone shut him up already? Isn't he retired? I used to like his stuff, but to be honest my Jay-Z tolerance level is very low right now. And I know some people think he's like a lyrical genius or whatever, but I ask you to consider the following from "Rehab by Amy Winehouse featuring Jay-Z":

my heroin flows more lethal than Marilyn's nose
im gonna OD till im in peace like Anna Nicole.

Now, that's just stupid. NO MORE JAY-Z! Either make your own music or stay out of the game.

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jean said...

This so called early retirement was just a cop out. He was just afraid that his new songs wouldn't be as good as his other stuff, so he "retired". Kind of like what seinfeld did: quit while you're on top. But you're so right! There should be a section on itunes just for songs featuring_Jay-Z for christ sake!