Thursday, January 24, 2008


Dear United Airlines,

I don't have enough middle fingers to express my anger when i think about the recent assaults your company has made on me and my friends who have recently has flown with you guys. Exactly how many excuses are there in your UA customer service employee handbook? I mean, i thought i heard it all, but every time another person flies UA, i hear another horror story and a new excuse....pilot cannot fly over certain # of hours, didn't fill the fuel up all the way, plane hasn't arrived, and my favorite, the ever vague "mechanical problems". F YOU! BTW, i'd rather you lie to me than tell me the plane i'm about to board is having mechanical problems that are being fixed by your disgruntled employees that all hate you.

Do you know that you guys SINGLE-HANDEDLY F'd up my birthday this year? I was sitting alone in the airport bar the night of my birthday drinking a 10$ Miller lite beer because the plane was delayed 4 hours for so-called "mechanical problems" before you allowed us to board the plane, only to then watch the pilot physically walk-off the plane before our flight got canned. That was loads of fun.

Are you guys familiar with that gesture where you raise your fist in the air with one arm, then place your other perpendicular to that arm? WELL TAKE THAT YOU BITCHES!!


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