Saturday, September 15, 2007

As if we females don't have a hard enough time in science!

I am at a loss of things to write, so i decided to shed some light on an old, but little known story about one of my scientific idols..... or at least used to be.

Susumu Tonegawa, who is the first asian guy to win the Nobel prize in medicine and who made a serious scientific breakthrough in the 80's, was recently accused of intimidating an up and coming female junior scientist out of a job at MIT, where he is a senior scientist. Was he accused only by the female candidate? NO. He was accused by 11 other colleagues in his department. C'mon, 11 people can't be wrong. What a jerk. To read the story, Click here

Are you feeling insecure because her career is starting to blossom while yours is kinda winding down? Did she turn you down for a dinner invitation? What happened? Because you really look like an idiot intimidating some young female scientist during her interview.

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