Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Awards 2007

Jean's Take: Okay, i've only been flipping through sporadically, but is anyone else a little bored? Has it always been like a 360 stage? because i dont' like it; makes me feel weird even at home!

Jenny's Take: [What's up, B? Are you online?] I just started watching, but all I know is that Lost better not get any awards. That show should get punished. A negative award for being so confusing and for being stingy with explanations.

Jean's Take:[B. I wish we were watching the Emmy's together!] I'm with you there about LOST! I'm even mad that Locke won an award, this implies that people watch that crappy TV show.

Jenny's Take: Locke won an award? Oh brother. He's the most confusing part of the show. Wasn't he the dumbass that blew up the only ship that could've gotten them all off of the island? He's like the Gilligan of Lost. Any other surprises? Please don't tell me something like "The Office" got edged out by "Three Men and a Half a Kid" or whatever that show is called with Charlie Sheen.

Jean's Take: Also, WHY did Juliana DePandy keep asking the guests what they think about OJ Simpson's arrest on the red carpet? I'd be like "Ummm.....who cares? but i'm wearing Versace". AND where is my favorite show BONES! Why hasn't there even been a mention of it?

Jenny's Take: Yeah! WTF. Where's Bones??? She rules! I love Bones. But Prime Suspect DID just win three. So that kind of makes up for it. Prime Suspect is the best crime drama EVER.

Jean's Take: YAY! the Office just got one! Is there just ONE category for Reality TV? My vote is for "Flavor of Love". Really, that is some reality i ONLY want to see on TV.

Jenny's Take: Holy shit! That skit with Kanye was so funny! It was so funny I forgot to vomit after they announced that the Amazing Race won some kind of award. (Seriously. Who watches that show? Does anybody watch that shit? I'd rather watch Find a Date with Scott Baio. If that's even a show. )

Jean's Take: I LOVE Kanye....or do i love $0.50? I can't decide. I'm just glad that Kanye didn't decide to ban the Emmy's too!

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