Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney girl, what the hell?

Okay, i've been really busy at work lately, and although there's all this buzz about how Britney killed herself at the VMA awards a few days ago, i didn't have time to check this stuff out online for myself until tonight.
So of course, to watch the video, I went to shockingly, i could not find that damn video for the life of me! It's simply not there. There are spoofs, there are interviews about it, but the actual video is MIA.
What the hell? Where is this video that should be plastered all over the internet??????? WHERE IS IT! Well, after some detective work, i finally found that its ONLY on the MTV website! Click here to watch this awful trainwreck for yourself........

Now that you've seen it, i'm sure your feeling the same as me.... yucky inside. It reminds me of that one embarrassing moment in my life that traumatized me.....except not on national TV and the plastered all over the news. and not career breaking, and not half naked.

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