Monday, April 09, 2007

What I Think About Space Tourism

I know that bosses suck. And I know that CEOs and stuff get paid WAY more--WAY WAY more--than the average worker. And I know that idiots like Donald Trump have gold toilet paper and stuff. But this story about the Microsoft guy flying into space with the Russians is out of control.

Attention employees of whatever company Mr. Ping Pong runs now: If your boss has an extra $25 million to blow on becoming the world's first "space tourist," you're working for the wrong guy. I mean, I swear, if I were those employees, probably trying to live on $50,000 a year with three kids, I'd torch the building. I know the world sucks. It sucks everyday. But, you know, sometimes some things just remind you of how unfair it is. Why does this guy have an extra $25 million sitting around? To blow on a one week vacation!

And to show you how useless he is, an article I read this morning said: "While on board he will do some research on behalf of the Hungarian Space Office by measuring the amount of radiation he is exposed to on board the space craft." Now, I don't know much about space research beyond 'can you do flying somersaults and sleep upside down?' but my first instinct is to say that the ' how much radiation are you exposed to?' question has already been tackled. Like probably the first time anyone was EVER in space. The other astronauts probably made up "the radiation measuring test" to keep this loser occupied, the same way a substitute teacher hands out easy worksheets to keep the kids in check while the real teacher is gone.

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