Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Least Surprising News of the Week

Jason Wahler, who used to be on Laguna Beach, got arrested (for the third time) on Sunday for assault and criminal trespassing. Here is a list of what he is accused of:

(1) Wrestling in the lobby.
(2) Punching and shoving a guard, then running out of the hotel to avoid arrest.
(3) Passing out in the hallway "strongly smelling of alcohol."
(4) Becoming "belligerent and hostile" when the guards woke him up.
(5) Shouting racist and homophobic slurs.

And while those things are not very surprising, the least surprising part of the whole thing is that Jason's slurs were only racial and homophobic. You'd think he could of also thrown in some nasty, degrading comments about women. That's sort of like the hat trick of resisting arrest. Maybe in the future, when he inevitably gets arrested for the fourth time, he'll try to do a little better.

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Ben said...

Lest we forget about the Jews...