Sunday, April 08, 2007

Don't Forget!!!! Planet Earth Starts Now!

Jean: those kelp towers are so COOL!
me: sooooo cool. so high!
Jean: dude the waters are dangerous terf!
me: those sting rays are f'ed up. i'm so glad we don't have any natural predators!!!!!! i mean i guess we have murderers, but you can pretty much avoid those.
Jean: yeah. we can avoid murderers, and predatory guys.
those stingrays must have a hard time eating, with their mouths in such a weird part of their body
me: i know. i also feel bad for those seals. sucks to all of a sudden die like that. in those vicious teeth.

Jean: elephant seals are so ugly!
me: yeah. totally. polar bear babies are the cutest things, i think.
Jean: yeah, especially since they always seem a little uncoordinated!
me: yeah. like they have huge feet and they are always tripping over them.
Jean: dude, that pengin shlould just freaking run!
me: fast!!!!!
Jean: those pengin babies are ugly
dude i'm so glad i'm human
me: me too. as an animal you can just be strolling along and then some mf just comes up and bites you to death.