Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jessica and Nick: Who's Better Off Now?

I was looking at these pictures today and wondering, who is better off after the split--Nick or Jessica? It's so hard to calculate. On the one hand, Jessica has to hang out with John Meyer and that probably also includes listening to his dumb songs all the time. That's gotta be a drag. Then again, I guess she used to have to listen to Nick Lachey's even dumber songs all the time, so I guess in a way it's a step up. And while I used to think that Nick was kind of cute, the fact that he is wearing those glasses makes John Meyer look pretty good. As for Nick, it looks like he made an even switch. Why does Jessica look just like Vanessa Manillo these days?
BTW, how short is Jessica Simpson, for Christ's sake? Her shoulders only come up to John's stomach.

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