Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Peter Doherty Does It Again

Pete Doherty was arrested AGAIN last night. This time, not only was he in possession of hard drugs, he also (allegedly) stole a car! London police issued a statement that claimed Doherty, along with three other men, were arrested in Birmingham following reports of a vehicle being stolen in London. They were all released on bail.

Last time Doherty was in court--which, mind you, was like a few days ago--the judge told him his ass was going to jail if he violated probation. I'm guessing that shooting heroin and jacking a car probably count as "violations." You have to be pretty stupid to throw away a life as a rockstar to live a life as a convict. From getting naked with Kate Moss to eating jellied peaches out of styrofoam cups. Sucks to be you, Pete. You do know there is no heroin in jail, right?

Source: Yahoo


Emily said...

So, Jenny, does this mean you're over your crush on him?

I feel like this sort of behavior pushes someone from the "tortured artist/rock star with some drug issues" category straight into the "junkie" category.

Anonymous said...

Let's fast forward five years. Peter Doherty finally gets out of prison only to find that Kate Moss has gotten married, his band has a new lead singer, and his friends have all OD'd. Guess what, Pete? By the you get out of prison no one's even going to remember who the fuck you were.

Anonymous said...

Just a head's up. Your banner is not showing on my screen. Maybe it's just my browser, but looks like the top of you site is cut off. Blogger is funny sometimes, might want to check it out.
Funny blog though.

Dop said...

I think there should be no more celebrities with the last name Doherty allowed amidst population. Just bad news all around.