Thursday, February 23, 2006

I Waited Four Years For This?

I can't believe I waited four years to see some girl who I don't even know win the gold medal. I hate when the winner wins NOT because she does a great job, but because she doesn't fuck up. Pitiful. That was the most pitiful Olympic Figure Skating EVER. The sport is full of chokers. Kimmie? Down. Sasha? Down. Irina? Down. Look at the picture of the winner? She looks clumsy. And her outfit sucks. And she wins the gold? I mean she was sort of cute when she realized she won the gold. And I guess it's cool for Japan. But it sucks for me. And to top things off, now everyone is saying that Michelle Kwan could have won if she'd of been there. Great. That's all I needed to hear. What's to look forward to now? NOTHING!

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Anonymous said...

at least emily hughes didn't win