Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jessica Simpson is in Bed With Us Weekly

Jessica Simpson is in bed with US Weekly. And it's so obvious. Even though the whole entire world knows that Jessica dumped Nick and the whole entire world knows that Nick is the one crying himself to sleep, Us Weekly keeps on publishing stories that are all like, "Poor Jessica, She's Heartbroken!" I'm so sick of it.

I have a newsflash for you Us Weekly. She's not heartbroken, okay? She's not. She's happy to be free of him. And he's still pining away. Did you hear him tell that story about how he still thinks "she's the hottest woman alive"? Did you see her on The People's Choice Awards? She could barely contain her laughter when George Lopez called Nick a "seat filler."

I thought Us Weekly was ready to take a stand once Jessica sold her soul to OK! But I guess not. Instead, they are kissing her ass. Wooing her back by publishing ridiculous "I'm just like Jennifer Aniston" stories about her. Get some backbone Us Weekly. Seriously. It's pathetic.


Anonymous said...

I don't like Jessica Simpson anymore, she has become a big snob. I think her career is headed for the gutter. I mean, one of the only reasons people liked her in the first place was because they thought Nick and her were cute together. She can't get any hotter or skinnier which means she can get only uglier and fatter. She has no other talents except for being hot and being in a relationship, yep her career is definetly over.

jean said...

well, you never know what Joe has up his sleeve.

Emily said...

Yeah -- Matt predicts she'll turn slutty, but I figure Joe's gotta see how poorly that move turned out for Britney. I mean if Jessica starts flaunting her un-virginal sexual activity, I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before her skin looks terrible and she ends up married to some disgusting dirtbag, Steve-O perhaps?

Bloglisted said...

Her skin and her hair. Britney looks like she hasn't seen a brush in years. I can only guess she's trying to look like shit. It's the only explanation. Or maybe she doesn't care.

I think Jess is going to go slutty, too. Did you see those pictures of her from People's Choice. She looked like a fool.

Anonymous said...

stop hating on jess please.