Friday, January 13, 2006

Throw Down

Thanks a lot Mr. "" for stealing our URL before we could purchase it. Thanks a lot.

You suck.

It's so lame to go around stealing other people's names. We hate you. You are officially the WORST person in the entire world. You are worse than Kevin Federline. You are worse than Talon Talierro. You are worse than that guy who does Girls Gone Wild. And you think I sound mad? You should see Jean. I have never seen her like this. Let me just say I hope you do not run into Jean anytime soon. You will be sorry "Mr." You will be very VERY sorry.

That said, if anybody out there has any ideas about what we should do....we could use some advice! Are dot nets and dot orgs really lame? Should we change the name? HELP.


tanya said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
femme feral said...

I don't understand...are you saying that someone bought that name sometime b/w when you started this blog and now? That sucks.

for what it's worth, I like

jag said...

.net isn't bad at all. Seems to me .org should be for charitable orgs, like the Girl Scouts n shit. But I don't know.

Net is good. And screw Mr. Bloglisted. What an asshat.