Sunday, January 15, 2006

Team Sasha

Last night at the National Championships, Sasha Cohen blew away the competition and won her first national title. And she deserved it. No one else even came close. I'm not saying Michelle Kwan is not good too, but Sasha is AWESOME. She's so tiny and graceful and she's the only one who can hold up her leg without holding onto her skates. I'm on team Sasha. Even more so after I read an article today that said Michelle Kwan doesn't even have a chance. Why does she get to go if she doesn't really have a chance?! Move on, Michelle! The Ice Capades needs you.

While I'm at it, I'd like to propose a new rule for figure skating. Once a girl falls more than once, a buzzer should sound and that girl should have to leave the ice. Stop the music. Pick yourself up and go back to the locker room. NOBODY wants to watch the rest of your shaky performance. NOBODY wants to suffer through your spiral sequence, while you stare ahead, expressionless, and try and hold in your tears. It's painful! We want to see contenders. Not chokers.


jungle jane said...

ohhhhhhhh the long walk of shame after just one tumble??

Harsh. i love it. Can we apply the same rule to soccer? and gymnastics?

jean said...

Okay, well i think that Sasha only won and did so well because Michelle Kwan wasn't there. Sasha got that title by default. Granted, she did do well, but only because she had no competition for her to get all nervous about. If M. Kwan would've even been in the stadium as a spectator, Sasha would've choked. BIG TIME!

Anonymous said...

haha jenny u r so crazy....thats a good rule they should propose....haha....i mean of course they need to sop after one fall because its not like they arent gonna make mistakes or anything...hahaha