Monday, November 21, 2005

Poor Britney Must Be Jealous

Remember when Britney and Christina came out with their first albums and all anyone could talk about was how much they probably hated each other? Battle of the blondes. Warring pop princesses. Feuding Mouseketeers. (Or were they in Kids, Incorporated? I forget.)

Anyway, it's pretty clear to me who has finally come out on top. Don't get me wrong, I really do like Britney. But it's getting pretty difficult to see a light at the end of her tunnel. Christina, on the other hand, has emerged looking gorgeously grounded and enviously happy. Not only does she appear to have had a beautiful Napa Valley wedding this weekend--as opposed to Britney's bizarre nuptuals which featured both the groom and the groomsmen wearing white Juicy couture sweatsuits emblazoned with the word "PIMP" on the back--, her new husband, music exec Jordan Bratman, appears to be tender, affectionate, and more concerned with Christina's happiness than he is with getting to the strip club in time for happy hour (or whatever it is that K-Fed concerns himself with these days.)

Up to this point, I have never been a huge Christina fan. I mean if "Genie in a Bottle" came on the radio I never turned it off or anything, but for the most part I was a Britney-girl. But I'm finding it hard to resist photos like the one above. If I had to trade places with one of them, it would definately be Christina. Hands down. And if I have to get up and sing "DRRRRTY" (or however you spell it) in concert one day, so be it. At least I wouldn't have to wake up every morning next to this.


Emily said...

Yeah, I think at this point the choice between being Christina or Britney is pretty easy. But is Jessica Simpson not an option? b/c that's who I'd most like to be.

I mean here we're talking the girl who didn't even make the CUT for the mousketeers, and now she's doing better than both of them.

She frequently looks great (and when she doesn't it's clearly just b/c she made a couple of bad styling choices, not because she's gross).

She gets movie roles -- I only recently found out that poor Brit. tried out for the role of Daisy Duke, only to have Jessica walk away with it. And what's this about Britney possibly being on Broadway -- hasn't anyone filled her in that she would actually have to sing at those performances?

AND, back to Jessica, I she's got the best husband of the bunch. I may be jumping to conclusions about Christina's hubby -- he may well be all the nice sensitive things that Jenny said, but he certainly doesn't come in the package that is a certain Mr. Lachey. True, Nick looks a little bit like he might grace the pages of some gross Men of Hawaii, or New Jersey, or Sigma Nu, calendar...but he he's not unattractive, and certainly not skeevy.

My only real problem with Christina is that I feel like she never really found her "thing"...she's always been a little bland, and then when she does do something to stand out more, it doesn't seem to work for her -- the black hair, slutting up the image, singing in spanish, then this whole platinum/starlet throwback all just kind of leaves me scratching my head and barely interested.

Britney, on the other hand has just turned in to some kind of train wreck. I mean, seriously, when you have as much money as Britney Spears there is no excuse for looking about as good as I do when I've gone to the gym and not showered and decide to hit up the mall (which, come to think of it, is exactly what I've got going on today).

Jenny said...

You make some very good points. I'd take Nick anyday. No question.
And I'm still working on getting my hair and wardrobe to look like Jessica's.

Like I said, I'm not all about Christina by any means. It's just that a few years ago I would have predicted that the only place you'd be able to find her in 2005 was on a curb outside of some bar in New Jersey. After she had just opened for the Whitesnake show. And now, coincidentally, that is pretty much where Britney has ended up.

femme feral said...

did you see that cover of people where there is a big picture of britney and kevin and sean preston on the cover and just a little teeny picture of christina with the words "wedding details" in the corner? Christina may be happier, but for now, Britney still seems to capture more peoples' imaginations.

Emily said...

Touche, FF, but can't we say the same thing about heinous carnage of any kind?