Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What Is Everyone's Problem?

You know what I am getting really sick of? I am getting really sick of every single celebrity website making fun of Jennifer Aniston being named "Woman of the Year" by GQ magazine. The running take on this seems to be, "What did she do to deserve this title? She just broke up with someone!" Hahahahahaha.

Come on, people. Get real. It's GQ magazine. What do you think they're going to do? Award people for outstanding contributions to literature and the arts? Recognize important developments in cancer research? PUL-EASE. I hate to break it to everyone, but the GQ Woman of the Year award is not some kind of officially recognized or endowed honor. I'm pretty sure the only criteria is, "Who will sell lots of copies?" Who else do you think was in the running? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Stephen Hawking or Sandra Day O'Connor. I'm pretty sure it was like Scarlett Johanson and Halle Barry. Maybe Jessica Alba. In any case, get over it.


Emily said...

Doesn't she just look fabulous on that cover?

Oh, sorry, is that not how we're supposed to talk about the GQ Woman of the Year?

To follow up on Jenny's observation -- what I also find funny is that people seem to be more up in arms about the fact that Jennifer Anniston got this title than they are about the fact that organizations like the UN give a bunch of bullshit accolades to Angelina Jolie b/c she really "cares" about poor kids in other countries.

Jenny said...

Yeah, EXACTLY. There was this one article online today about Angelina and Brad househunting in DC and the writer said, "Why do they need a house in D.C.? Oh yeah, that's right. So that Angelina can always be on hand to give her two-bit "testimony" about conditions in the third world." I don't remember what website it was, but it was funny.