Saturday, July 07, 2007


Dear Mr. Morrissey,

Before about a week ago, i must say, i was living in the dark. But because of a stroke of luck, i somehow ended up at your concert at Wolf Trap. It was a life-defining, out-of-body experience that I have no words for except that I am in love with you (in a very asexual kind of way). I will follow you until the day i die, well, i guess until YOU die (you are kinda old now). I will never ever utter the words you remind me of Kramer (which i said prior to my passing over). I am very worried that you will cancel more concerts, so please keep me posted on your tour schedule.


P.S. "we all have grotesque past" [quote about The Smiths]. i also hate them with you, but i will not stop listening to their songs.


Bloglisted said...

well, i'm glad you changed your tune. because walking into a morrissey concert with you shouting, "gross! he looks like Kramer!" loud enough for everyone to hear was NOT fun.

Michelle Detorie said...

morrissey has a huge latino fan base out here. it is really cool.

glad to hear you liked the concert, jean.

more bloglisted! yay!

Emily said...

Holy crap Jean, I experienced a similar, though not so dramatic, conversion after seeing Morrissey this past May in Colubus, OH. I mean, I like the Smiths fine, and I can actually listen them for a pretty good length of time w/out feeling like I need to slit my wrists...ditto for Morrissey's solo stuff.

But I was just NOT prepared for what an amazing performer he is. I mean, I'm not even sure I can put my finger on it -- the clothes were fabulous, but when he stripped his shirt off the body was NOT...the dancing was fine but nothing spectacular...the band were kind of cute in thier little shirts and ties.

And yet, by the time he came out and did Please Please Please let me get what I want for his encore, I was fully crying. Maybe it was all the various people who were SO excited to try to hug him, or were fighting violently over the sweaty shirt he threw in to the audience...

One of the things I really like about him is that he so obviously enjoys performing and being adored. And given the kind of music that he makes, I was fully prepared for some kind of false modesty/fake aversion to fans/being on stage/etc. So I found his glad-handing with the crowd to be totally lovely and refreshing.