Monday, June 11, 2007

Please Please Please

I am totally going to update this whole site in like a day or two, but I am writing with an emergency request. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't anyone text me or call me or email me or ANYTHING about the Sopranos. I haven't watched the last two episodes yet and I am going into social hibernation until I do. I feel like I'm in a living video game right now. And the object is "try to escape Sopranos spoilers." Everywhere I go I have to close my eyes and cover my ears and backtrack and make u-turns. I can't turn on the radio, I can't watch the news, I can't check the internet. I got two emails already this morning that had something about "Tony" in the first line. I'd have an easier time trying to avoid Paris Hilton stories. If I can't find a way to watch them before the end of tomorrow night, I'm going to move into a cabin in the woods until the DVDs come out. And even then some park ranger will probably tell me. PLEASE PLEASE don't tell me!!!!!

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