Sunday, April 29, 2007

Trivial Pursuit Sucks

Recently I had the chance to win the first trivial pursuit game of my life. And I never win. Not EVER. And I came so close. But then I got ripped off by two completely unfair questions. COMPLETELY UNFAIR.

Question 1: What member of the Bush household penned a bestseller during George Sr.'s presidency? Answer: Millie the dog.

Um---NO. TOTALLY WRONG. Dogs don't write books. People write books. And maybe the people that write those books like to pretend that the dog wrote the book so that the kids think it's cute, but at the end of the day---THE DOG DIDN'T WRITE THE BOOK. So my answer was that "no member" penned a book. I thought it was a trick question. And you know what happened? I didn't get the piece. ROBBED.

Questions 2) What does PDA stand for? Answer: Personal Digital Assistant.

Okay, fine. Sometimes PDA does stand for that. But it also stands for "public display of affection." And that meaning for PDA has been around a lot longer than the PDA's you hold in your hand. Both answers should be acceptable. But no--no piece. ROBBED.

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the sad billionaire said...

This post is the greatest thing I have ever read.
Trivial Pursuit is the worst thing Canada ever visited upon the world, except maybe Celine Dion's weird sugar daddy. And Robin Thicke. Is he Canadian? I hate that guy.