Thursday, March 01, 2007

32 Hours and Counting

Zodiac comes out tomorrow. And I don't want to say anything or make any predictions that might jinx anything, but this movie already got like 98 tomatoes. It's still only out of like 28 reviews, but still. Rolling Stone, Variety, Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, and Newsweek all said it was fresh. Omigod. I revise my earlier statement. I'm in love with puppies and movies about smarter than god serial killers who send cryptic and forboding messages in unmarked envelopes to frustrated and emotionally spent detectives. I can't wait!!!

P.S. Hey Michelle, What do you think of Ruffalo in those pants?

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Dubette said...

I saw Zodiac Saturday night and it was good. I give it a B+. Unfortunately, I saw it in a theatre with a lot of people who apparently thought they were seeing at thriller and became very bored after the killings stopped and the investigation began. It was a long movie--about two and a half hours--and most of it was character development and police work. Well-acted, but not the fastest-paced movie.