Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What is Wrong with this Picture?

This year's Oscar poster features memorable quotes from past movies. You know, quotes like, "There's no place like home," or whatever. And I was looking at this poster today thinking to myself, something is not quite right....what could it be? Hmmmm..... Oh, I know! The second most visible quote on the entire page is "Frodo"!!!! Is this poster suggesting that "Frodo" is the second most memorable quote in the history of American cinema??? Oh puhhh-lease.

The word "Frodo" doesn't even count as a freaking quote. "Frodo"? That's the stupid elf's name. Of course they say that in the movie--IT'S HIS NAME! Does "Maverick" count as a quote from Top Gun? Or "Mia Wallace" as quote from Pulp Fiction? And I know, I know, you are going to say that "Stella" counts as a famous quote from Streetcar Named Desire. And you'd be right. But at least that moment in the movie is important and memorable. And it's really the delivery that makes the quote famous anyway. I mean, was there something I missed? Was "Frodo" a secret password that unlocked the door to eternity or something? I don't think so. Sorry, Mr. Movie Poster Designer, "Frodo" doesn't count.

And if it does count, then for next year's poster you might consider adding "big ship" for Titanic. Or "confederate soldier" from Gone with the Wind.

Jean's Take: Even I, a long-time Lord of the Rings fan (i know, i know, it's really kinda un-cool to admit) agree that "Frodo!" is NOT a legit quote. I mean, i think every single cast member screamed out "Frodo!" at some point in the movies. Bad choice. Someone should step up and fire that idiot Movie Poster Designer ASAP. Despite that, I am happy that LOTRs made it into the poster.

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