Thursday, February 22, 2007

Top 3 Things I Cannot Stand about American Idol

1. When contestants try and entice you to vote for them by holding up the number of fingers for their voting number.

2. Any time Randy Jackson starts his critique with, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got a hot one tonight!" This is especially annoying when this comment is in reference to some dorky, Kevin Federline wannabe holding one hand over his heart and belting out a karoke version of "I Can Be Your Hero, Baby."

3. When contestants try and "find their niche" by doing something stupid every week. I must say, the asian contestants are particulary fond of this strategy: Jasmine Trias from AI3 with her stupid flower, and now Paul Kim with his barefootedness.

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sk said...

Some friends and I have a new drinking game. Everytime Randy says "Pitchy" or some variation of the word, everyone is required to drink.