Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday Boredom Solutions

If you haven't created your Google personalized homepage yet---DO IT NOW! I'm seriously addicted to mine, and I change it around everyday. It's so fun. I've put on all my favorite newspapers, a weather report, the Daily Puppy, webcams from two different aquariums (so that I can sit at my desk and watch the sharks and stuff), and the "Google Weight Tracker." You put your actual weight in there everyday and Google compares it to your goal weight and-- if you move one pound away from it--you get a message that says "DANGER! DANGER!" So funny.

Today, I am going to search around for the panda cam from the National Zoo so I can put it on there too. Start your own page today!

Also, check this out:

The Funniest Billboards.

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