Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cause of Death: MONEY

Although tragic, it's not a shock to us that ANS is dead. Excessive partying, drinking, drugs, dramatic weight gain/loss is hard on the body, but then again, half of hollywood is doing exactly that as we speak. We at bloglisted believe that the TRUE cause of her death is directly connected to those millions she got for being such a golddigga. I mean, the 89 year old oil guy died while earning it, the stepson died while fighting for it, and now ANS, after a string of tragedies, is now dead.

So, what can we learn from Anna's life story? These are my take-home lessons.

LESSON #1: do not try Trimspa
LESSON #2: do not marry an old rich guy with cake on his face for money

Jenny's Take: I have to say that this whole thing is just sort of creepy to me. I mean, I really do think it's sad. Her marriage to the oil baron, the legal battles over all the money, the death of the old guy's son, the death of Anna Nicole's son, and all the fighting over the paternity of her new daughter. Sad, sad, sad.

But it's also creepy that there has been such a long string of deaths in that circle over the past year. It's like a curse. And I really don't mean to say that flippantly. I'm not trying to make a joke. It's like a real life morality play. A total curse. A total, total curse. I wouldn't touch that money for all the purses in the world. And if whoever is still around to take care of that little girl has any brains at all, they'll take all that money, hide it in the attic, and never tell her that it exists.

But I have to agree, Jean. I'm not going to be taking Trimspa anytime soon.

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Emily said...

Here's my 2 cents on the whole matter. 1) I'm not sure why, but I'm shocked that this is receiving as much media attention as it is. And by media, I am not simply referring to those sources that I consider media, such as US Weekly and I mean, this is all Wolf Blitzer is talking about on CNN. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am.

2) I'm pretty sure the father of her kid is actually her dead son. Maybe that is crass/creepy to even mention, but what isn't creepy about this woman's whole life?

3) I think that either she was totally distraught over the whole tawdry mess and offed herself, or the sleaze-ball lawyer "husband" killed her so that he could position himself to take custody of the baby and inherit the old guy's money, which, if it ever gets out of court, should now go to the little girl...

I loved it how on some news program they were wondering IF she had a will. UH, she's been managed by this lawyer dude for the past few years(I love how they always point out that his name is Howard K. Stern, just so we don't confuse him with the other Howard Stern) They were supposedly in 'love'. Although I am not a gambler, I am willing to bet that he made SURE she had a will.