Friday, January 26, 2007

New Year's Resolution Update

    • DO NOT buy any more purses or handbags until October 30, 2007. CHECK
    • DO NOT go to Nordstrom and stand in front of the mirror with a bunch of Marc Jacobs bags and try to justify why you can't live without them. ABORTED (Thanks, T)
    • DO NOT buy any more bottles of hair product (besides shampoo) until every drop of hair product that you already own is gone. CHECK
    • DO NOT let your friend Jean talk you into buying astronomically expensive anti-aging creams until all of the astronomically expensive anti-aging creams you already have lying unused under your sink are gone. ABORTED
    • Do not get wrapped up in another season of Laguna Beach. CHECK
    • Don't get sucked in to another season of American Idol. ABORTED