Tuesday, March 07, 2006

We Love Tuesdays!

I'm really disappointed by Paris Bennett. I've been all about her since the first week, but Gloria Estefan? Come on, Paris!

Melissa McGhee. She's not really that pretty and there is nothing special about her personality, but I really liked her performance last night! What was that song she sang? "What About Love?" I love that kinda music! That's the kind of music that I like to buy off of itunes and sing when I'm in a bad mood. Or in a good mood. Or in my car. I love that song! The judges kinda hated on her, but I like when people rock out.

was amazing! She's really exciting when she hits those high notes.

I didn't really like Kellie Pickle or whatever her name is. I mean, if I had her abs I wouldn't complain, but I'm not really that impressed with her voice. She's got personality, but I think that it's ultimately fake. I can't believe Simon called her a "naughty little minx." Isn't she like 16 or something? Did you hear Simon say she was better than Carrie Underwood? That was cool.

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Tina From Glitterati said...

Kellie Mae Clampett is wearin' on my nerves.