Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

This is Kate Moss's first cover for British Vogue. She looks almost the same.

How She Got Her Start: Kate was discovered in 1988 when she and her family were in Kennedy Airport on their way back home from a vacation in the Bahamas. The then 14-year-old waif caught the eye of a famous modeling scout and the rest is pretty much history. She posed--topless--for her first cover for the British magazine Face.

Story I Didn't Know: Kate went into a substance abuse program once when she was dating Johnny Depp. During her stay there, he sent her a $100,000 BMW as a "get well" gift. So much for chicken soup.


Anonymous said...

ok i mean honestly....she's pretty i guess....but i really don't think it's fair that some dude was like hey u can model...be famous...and get rich....o yeah AND pose topless....that shit pisses me off...why can't I be a fucking model in London Jenny? haha love u bitch!! o and u better send me a "get well" gift like that if it ever happend to me!!!haha

Nicole said...

Yet another reason why I love Johnny Depp. That is the dreamiest thing I've ever heard.