Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We Love Tuesdays, Too!!!

Tonight is very exciting. Not only is it the first "real" American Idol, but it's the Women's Figure Skating Short Program!!!! Thank god for double picture TVs!!!

American Idol just started and Jean and I have already decided that Paris Bennett is our one and only. She did an awesome rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia"--one of my all time favorite songs. I feel bad for the girl that comes after her. She's sure to make it to the top 12. As for our second choice, we don't know yet, but Jean does have it in for Brenna Gethers. Quote: "I wish it was possible to vote against dumb bitches like that." (Okay, the show is over now. We like the girl with the voice teacher mother.)

On to ice skating..........Sasha Cohen kicked ass!! Well, not really. Actually she is only a little ahead of Irina Slutskaya. But she looked much cuter. Somebody needs to tell Irina that even though wearing pants as opposed to skirts is allowed this year, it doesn't make it a good idea. Especially when you already have a boy's haircut. I'm not trying to hate. I like Irina. I think she's bad ass. But her outfit sucked.

Jean's Take: I must say, there are 3 girls from American Idol that I'm going to keep my eye on all season, but I HATE THAT STUPID NEW YORK chick! True new yorkers don't have to try so hard to have attitude. She's doesn't have attitude, she's just a bitch.

I must say, i didn't like Sasha's skating outfit, it looked a bit childish, but she' really brought it tonight! Her and Irena are going to have a throwdown! 3/100'th of a point is basically no lead at all. Gold will go to whoever pulls off all the jumps flawlessly. Poor Kimmi Meissner. When she was at first (before Sasha and Irena went on), she actually fooled herself into thinking she was going to stay there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Must have been hard to sink down the ranks one-by-one. I CAN'T WAIT TIL THURSDAY!


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who's not buying Kelli Pickler's schtick? I think she's using the whole I'm-just-a-poor-southern-girl-who-works-at Sonic-Burger thing to her advantage. I mean if I have to hear her mention that her father's in prison one more time I'm going to puke. I'm just not buying it. I think she knows she's not as strong a singer as the rest of the girls, and so she's playing to the crowd: "Oh golly, I never did ride on one of dem big jet aiplanes before." I mean, if Hee-Haw was still on the air, she might have a future in show biz, but that girl's gotta go.

La Dee said...

jean, you are so mean laughing at kimmie. ther is no fault in hoping for the best is there?

Scott B. said...

how in the world do these skating freaks who fall down get scores that are higher than the ladies who complete the program without error? And how is it that Dick Button and Scott Brownnose Hamilton get so excited about Emily Hughes when she tanked? Yet her score...100+...my god, the Italian girl did so much better!