Saturday, February 04, 2006

Celebrity Throw Down: Jessica Vs. Mary-Kate

In this week's edition of Celebrity Throw Down, Mary-Kate Olsen shows Jessica Simpson just where she can stick her new "Bites are made for poppin'" Superbowl commercial.

According to Ted Casablana at The Awful Truth, Jessica Simpson showed up at Club Privilege on Sunset Boulevard this weekend and tried to sit down at MK's private VIP booth. MK was like, "Oh no you didn't." Well, actually, the report is that she waved Jessica away, claiming that she was waiting on friends. The best part of the story? Jessica had to go stand with the regular people in the main part of the club.

Sweet. I bet Jessica whipped out her Sidekick and wrote some fierce, name-calling text messages to CaCee. I would have loved to read those text messages. Scorecard: Olsen 1, Simpson O. Bring it, Jess! Whatcha got?

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