Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Love Wednesdays, Part I

Dr. Jean's away at a conference, so I'm taking over her Wednesday TV review. And she's not even here to fight with me about it! I can say whatever I want.

And what I want to say is that I thought the winning outfit on Project Runway was UGLY AS SHIT. The model in this photo is super skinny and she looks like she has a pot belly! Did anybody else look at those little sequin swirls on the side and think "small intestine"? Zulema's getting the ax next week. That's for sure. Did you see how she's making the models do a walk-off? Is she kidding?

I liked Nick's outfit the best...and then Chloe's. I wasn't surprised to see Emmett leave, but I think he was unfairly criticized for his design. It wasn't as bad as they were saying. I mean, vulgar? Come on, now. Vulgar? I just watched three hours of women's figure skating the other night---all the dresses are that short! And did anybody see Andre's disaster? I think the producers knew they needed to get rid of Emmett and thought this was as good a week as any. He looked so pathetic up on the runway with his little pink shirt. I felt like crying sort of.

Now onto Lost. I have to say it got better tonight. FINALLY! And not because questions were answered, but because there was some great love triangle stuff going on with Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. To be honest, I could care less whether we eventually find out what those numbers mean or whether the island represents purgatory or whatever.....I just want to see some deserted island action in the form of a hook-up between Sawyer and Kate. At first I wanted Jack and Kate, but I changed my mind. Did you see how Sawyer saved Kate from the weird guy? He's so brave! Well, I guess he didn't really save her, but at least he pledged to get revenge. And he said it with a really brave face.

I love Wednesdays!


Donny B said...

Thank you! You summed up my feelings on the PR outfits perfectly. Zulema's was not that good, Emmett's was not that bad (and NOT vulgar), and Andrae's was a hideous, horrible mess with a dead skunk on its shoulder.

And Santino still isn't gone? At first I thought he was an ass but talented. But now he doesn't even seem that talented...he's designed 3 horrible dresses. And that skater dress last night was the most horrible piece of crap I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone think that Chloe's outfit look like a pastel christmas tree???

Anonymous said...

Zulema, you can thank your lucky stars on this one. I think Cohen's cute little ice lesson got to everyone's head. That or the judges were blinded by how hot Zulema's model was but there was no way that outfit should have won unless the objective of Project Runway was to make your model uglier than she started.
And I agree, that outfit belonged in a medical school's classroom for studying gastrolgy

Anonymous said...

ok well i think that andre's design was prolli the ugliest thing ive ever seen in my entire life...he should prolli go kill himself.