Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Completely Useless News, or Jennifer Aniston Wins Text Messaging Poll

This is from Star Magazine:

Jennifer Aniston is better than Brad Pitt, according to people who are addicted to text-messaging. In a survey by wireless company Alltel, respondents said the celebrity they'd most like to text with was Jen, followed by Brad.

All I have to say about that is WTF? Where do they find this nonsense? Come on now....."according to people who are addicted to text messaging"? Is that a new demographic? And where did "Alltel" come from. Is that a real company? And what the hell are they doing conducting a survey about celebrity text messaging? This is worse than a story I read last week concerning what type of bagels Vince Vaughn likes for breakfast.

This bit is in the same issue where they declare that Jennifer is a "Vince hog"--meaning, I suppose, that she steals Vince away from his friends. That story is even more ridiculous.


Emily said...

Is it wrong that I'm sort of in love with her little Mickey Mouse get-up, and what I can only assume is the belt of some sort of fanny pack?

Jenny said...

You are correct. That is a leather Prada fanny pack according to the caption. This photo was taken a few years ago when she was shopping for furniture with Brad. They sell this t-shirt at Nordstrom now. And everytime I pass it, I think about it. I definately think about it.

Emily said...

This is clearly a case of the whole Anniston is greater than the sum of the parts.

I mean, really, on any other person almost every single part of that outfit would be apalling -- some kind of disney-themed apparel? A fanny pack? (prada or no, it's a fanny pack, for the love of God) White shorts?

I think the flip-flops are the only part that I don't have a problem with on their own...but somehow the whole get-up on her is just magic. Like the Magic Kingdom.