Thursday, December 01, 2005

My New American Idol

I think I might start a whole new website just about Jennifer Love Hewitt. You know why? Because, although I have hated her ever since Party of Five, she is the only celebrity who interests me anymore.

Lindsey, Britney, Paris.....YAWN. The whole "Jessica is wearing her wedding ring around her neck" drama is just boring. Shut the fuck up Joe Simpson. It's over.

But Jennifer Love Hewitt, on the other hand, does not disappoint. I just read this latest story on Perez Hilton. It seems that Jennifer Love Hewitt believes that she saw actual GHOSTS on the set of her new show, Ghost Whisperer. What a coincidence. She claims:

"We did a scene where we were filming this staircase and there were these little boys who were kind of burning in an orphanage. A woman showed up at the bottom of the stairs when we played the footage back. She was just standing there."

That's awesome, Jennifer. Awesome. I wish I was your friend. Because everybody needs that one friend who is so completely self-deluded and weird that she doesn't even notice you raising your eyebrows and rolling your eyes at everything she says. Those kinds of friends are awesome. Rock on, Jennifer. I love you.

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Emily said...

Here's another great one about J-Love...besides the "singing career", I mean. I'm not sure if it was in reference to deciding to do this show or some crap movie she's been in recently where she was like: "I literally read hundreds of scripts every week." Or something along those lines, but I know the words literally, read, and hundreds, all appeared in the quote.

That one kept me laughing for days.