Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What's Everyone's Problem? Part II

Now I have to admit....I don't know what the HELL Kate Moss is doing in this video. But I don't really care so much. She's obviously coked up and drunk out of her mind. But I take issue with people who are putting this video up on their websites and using it as evidence that Kate Moss is crazy. "Look at how weird she is! She's insane!" they all say. But I say give her a break.

I mean seriously. Would any of us really want to watch a video of ourselves drunk? Come on. Think of the dumbest thing you ever did when you were drunk. Now imagine it on video. Now imagine it on the internet. Feeling a little more sympathetic? I mean, granted, I've never danced around topless and wrapped myself in bulletin board paper. But not because I've never had the urge. It's because I don't have a body like Kate Moss's. And no access to bulletin board paper whatsoever.

(Emily--For some reason, I imagined myself on the internet screaming, "I love that I have a spoiler!!!!!")


jean said...
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jean said...

The thing i don't get about this effed-up video of Kate moss is that she just got busted for snorting a pound of blow. I mean, it's like when you get a speeding ticket, you drive the speed limit at least for a day or two before reverting back. Likewise, i thought KM would be careful for at least a few months before getting caught on video doing anything suggesting she's coked up. It's a lose-lose situation, because if she's not coked up, then unfortunately, that's worse.

femme feral said...

wtf? Does Kate Moss live in 1984? Why are these always all these cameras around her? if anything, this whole KM thing has made me wonder how much any of us -- famous or not -- are being watched. People are saying the FBI combs through sites like myspace, and that's just frightening. Doesn't KM have any friends who can help her not get filmed by freaks? I feel bad for her.

Emily said...

I seriously feel bad for poor Kate b/c this is the kind of shit that Paris Hilton does 6 days a week and nobody even cares.

Furthermore, I think you're totally right about how hypocritical it is for people to act like this is just OUTRAGEOUS behavior b/c I'm sorry, but all I can say is thank god I made it all the way through my 20s almost before the camera phone came along.

Well, I guess it also helps that I'm not famous.