Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Not Justified!

I didn’t think there was anything Justin Timberlake could do to turn me off, but the sad day has finally arrived: JT is terrified of teensy weensy itty bitty spiders. So much so that he refused to re-enter his hotel room until the spider was found and removed. I’m so sorry but this is unacceptable for any boyfriend of mine. For all you male readers out there, listen to me very carefully: there is nothing less sexy than a guy who’s afraid of bugs, NOTHING! If you are, then for Christ sake, keep it to yourself. And if you’re ever confronted with a situation where there’s you, your girlfriend, and a bug, just grit your teeth and kill the mofo. Don’t scoop it up and set it free, don’t put a cup over it, don’t douse it with bug spray, step on the damn thing and end its life!


Jenny said...

Finally! You put up your first post!

Do you think Justin also gets cold? As in, "Cameron, can I borrow your sweater?"

femme feral said...

I won't tell the SB that you said this, Jean, because he is very afraid of bugs. :)

Perhaps JT should just pretend the spiders are little papparazzi -- he probably wouldn't have a hard time stomping on them then!

Emily said...

I'm going to go ahead and take it one step further -- I really have no patience for ANYONE with a paralyzing fear of bugs (sorry to SB, FF). Once had a neighbor in an intimate little apartment complex that I liked to refer to as Melrose Place, and said neighbor (who also happened to be a stripper, but that's neither here nor there) would come screaming out of her apartment in a panic, refusing to re-enter her home until I had killed whatever spider she had found -- kind of like JT.

SO f-ing annoying!