Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hopes = Crushed

A few months ago I heard that Joaquin Phoenix (celebrity crush #1) and Mark Ruffalo (celebrity crush #3) were doing a movie together called Reservation Road. As if this wasn't reason enough to celebrate, when I googled the movie this picture you see on the left came up. AWESOME! I thought to myself. It looks all scary and eerie and creepy and woodsy, but not like in a stupid Paris Hilton House of Wax way, but in a Twin Peak-sy, Zodiac meets Signs kind of way. In other words, Jenny's Movie Heaven. I immediately blocked out its release date--October 19th--on my calendar with a big red heart.

Well, GUESS WHAT?? This picture is a lie! A big, huge LIE! It turns out this movie is about a kid getting in a car accident and one father having to confront the other father who caused the crash. It's about "family bonds" and "forgiveness" and "reacting to tragedy in unexpected ways." In other words: a long, belabored, quiet movie where nobody talks and everybody cries. The kind of movie that depresses you for days after and forces you to conjure up all the terrible, horrible things that could happen in your own life. What a blast. Big red heart = erased.

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