Wednesday, August 08, 2007

English Judges are Suckers

The British government needs to get its act together and appoint a judge who's got some balls. I'm all for Peter Doherty and everything, but even I'm getting a little sick of him getting all these second chances.

This week, AGAIN, Pete got the old "this is your LAST chance" speech. My god. What's wrong with these judges? Notice: Pete Doherty is not afraid of your threats. Somebody send the boy to jail for god's sake.

It's sort of like how I am at Blockbuster. Everytime I try to rent a movie, they tell me I owe a late fee. And, everytime, I'm, like, "Oh--shit, I'm out of cash--can I just pay it next time?" I've owed Blockbuster $4.25 for like four years now. And just as sure as I am that I will NEVER be paying that late fee, Pete Doherty is not going to get clean unless you lock him up in a jail cell and let him sweat it out the Trainspotting way. Not ever.

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jean said...

maybe the judge was secretly Kate Moss dressed up as a judge. I don't see how any judge could give Pete Doherty so many chances.