Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wake Me Up When....

Will somebody please wake me up when maternity clothes go out of style? Empire-waisted stuff is cute and all, but it's getting out of control. There's NOTHING else to choose from. It's like some fashion god yelled "peep-toed shoes!" and "empire-waisted shirts!" and everything else in the stores vanished into thin air.

And I know, I know, the shape of the shirt is supposed to be "figure-flattering." And I totally agree. It's totally "figure-flattering" pregnant people. Barring that, it just looks like you have something to hide. I swear sometimes when I'm walking around I feel like we're in some sort of reverse Handmaid's Tale. Babies everywhere!

(Look the mannequin in the picture. That's one of those skinny, toothpick mannequins. And even she looks pregnant!)

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ben said...

Alright Jenny - you're now officially blog-worthy!