Tuesday, March 27, 2007

AMERICAN IDOL: the breakdown

Okay, we're approaching that 3 or 4 weeks of American Idol, where we're just waiting for the excess baggage to be lost. So here is my opinion about the remaining 10 contestants:

Sanjaya Malakar: Annoying, tries too hard, and his attempts to be cool just look dumb. But he is making the most of the little talent he posesses.

Lakisha Jones: not as good as Melinda Doolittle. We don't need 2 Melinda doolittles in the competition.

Phil Stacey: Does anyone else think he looks strange? like cancer poster boy turned popstar? his face looks like glass or something, like one of those women at the make-up counter.

Gina Glockson: Love her, not the greatest singer, but the only one that's authentic. Like if we knew her before AI, she probably looked the same.

Haley Scarnato: Can anyone else believe the miracle of make-up on this girl? I'm stunned by her metamorphasis. it's like looking at the before and after pictures in Kevyn Aucoin's books.

Blake Lewis: Interesting voice, sometimes tries too hard, probably thinks he's an "artist".

Chris Sligh: yuck! please nobody vote for this guy. he get's worse every week. My guess is he's going home next.

Jordin Sparks: Undecided. too young, like she's probably never done her own laundry. And, fyi, the WORST gwen stefani i've ever EVER seen.

Chris Richardson: i really like the way this guy dresses! (hint to my boyfriend, who doesn't read my blog)

Melinda Doolittle: Her overly humble act is starting to get on my nerves. Honey, you can stop pretending to be SO surprised when you get positive feedback, k? You're starting to look like one big FAKE that's trying to play the 'underdog, vote for me!' bullshit.

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