Monday, February 26, 2007

No surprises at the Academy Awards Show

Okay, i am a big fan of the Oscar's, and usually, there's at least ONE thing that bugs me, or something unexpected, but this year, i must say, was THE most boring and uneventful Oscar's in a long time:

Best Actor: Whitaker, nothing new here.
Best Actress: The woman that played the Queen. BORING.
The little girl from Little Miss Sunshine DIDN'T win. No big surprise there.
Kirstin Dunst wore an unflattering homey-ish dress....big deal.
Martin Scorsese finally won. Even i predicted that.

The ONLY thing that was a teeny tiny surprise is that Jennifer Hudson won, but i was totally rooting for her, so that just made me happy.
And, of course, Reese was screaming "EAT YOUR HEART OUT, Ryan" when she walked down the red carpet.... DAMN, she makes me wanna be single!

BUT, since i was so bored, i kept flipping between the Oscar's and White Chicks, so if there's something that happened that i don't know about, please let me know!

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