Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Note to Patrick Dempsey

Dear Patrick,

You are on a really famous show right now and are, by association, really famous. A show so good that for the past two weeks I have felt sick to my stomach about what was going to happen with you and Meredith.

That said, you DO NOT need to slum it out by doing the cover of Good Housekeeping. As a rule, and for the benefit of your career, you should avoid doing covers for any magazine that brandishes the words "All New Slow-Cooker Dinners" on its cover as a selling point.

I mean, I'm not a publicist or anything, but this photo is a real turn-off.



1 comment:

Emily said...

Yeah. Patrick Dempsy is hot. Slow cookers are not hot. Well, actually I guess technically they ARE hot...