Monday, October 02, 2006

I Saw These Movies

1. The Illusionist: If you are thinking about going to see this movie, just remember that Jessica Biel is in it. That should be enough to deter you. If not, and you are still planning to go, bring a pillow. Or at least a cell phone. That way you can pass the time text messaging your friends about how boring the movie is.

2. The Science of Sleep: It's like this--you know how when someone says to you, "Oh, listen to this dream I had," you sort of cringe inside because you know for the next ten or fifteen minutes you are going to have to pretend to listen to some incoherent story about how that person's mother or something was in the kitchen, "but it wasn't my kitchen, it was like this kitchen from this house of my friend from when I was little, and my brother was there, but everyone was calling him Ted, and I was eating tacos!!" And the story just goes on and on, and all you can really say is, "Wow, that's really weird"? Well, this movie was sort of like sitting through a two hour dream re-telling. Visually stunning, but really boring. (There is a slight chance that I was too stupid to understand this film and that it is actually a work of genius, but I don't think so. ) The only good things in this movie were: the main girl character's off-white mini sweater dress, this horse called "Golden, the Pony Boy," and Gael Garcia Bernal's hotness.

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