Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm Shrinking, I'm Shrinking!

Wow. Jennifer Aniston sure does look tiny next to Vince Vaughn. I mean she barely looks like the same species. I think Vince is actually more attractive than Brad Pitt--mostly cause I know he's more intelligent, but also cause he looks super cuddly in that jacket. Brad has been running around Berlin with that stupid floppy hat on.

Anyhow, the story to accompany this pic goes like this: Jennifer Aniston did an interview with Vogue magazine where she said that all the fuss that is being made over her breakup with Brad is "making her skin crawl." "Don't make me your victim," she said, "I'm so tired of being part of this sick, twisted Bermuda Triangle." (I'm not sure how it counts as a Bermuda Triangle, but I'm just going to go with it.) She also had this to say about Vince Vaughn: "First and foremost, he's a really good, loyal friend. Fiercely loyal."

Do you think Angelina and Brad look like a better match?


Emily said...

First of all, I love that she is rocking serells (sp?). I had a pair of those in 9th grade and I am KICKING myself right now that I ever got rid of them.

Second of all, I'm not sure about that Bermuda Triangle comment, but I am starting to think that Jen is maybe not all that smart (NOT that it makes me love her any less). I just think, she married Brad Pitt, and now that he's shown himself to be a complete moron, I'm afraid I also have to question her intelligence.

Finally...I think the Jolie Pitt pairing is more aesthetically pleasing...but if we want to get into personalities, Vaughinston has 'em beat, hands down.

Jenny said...

You got rid of them? What a shame. I have the same feeling everytime my dad tells me about the yellow convertible mustang that he got rid before i was born.

Yeah, I don't think Jen's that smart. But I don't think Angelina's all that smart, either. I just think she's smart enough to act smart. Nobody who is really smart is satisfied being with somebody who is stupid. And Brad Pitt is certainly stupid.

Anonymous said...

Who's not smart here? The Bermuda Triangle refers to the three people involved (Jen, Ang, and Brad) because it takes three points (ex. A, B, C), connected together with three lines, to make a triangle. Would you like me to draw you a picture little girl?

And in the Bermuda Triangle bad things happened. Some were tall tales (much like the lies of their triangle) and some were true stories.

Got it? Good.