Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Didn't Love Anything About This Wednesday

I will elaborate on this post later, but I just had to get on and say how depressed I am that Chloe was the winner of Project Runway. Completely, utterly boring. I don't care if she sews well. Let her sew someone else's designs. I didn't like her shit. Chloe didn't even like her own shit. When they said her name, you could tell she didn't even think she should have won. I also am not into her model at all.

Even more annoying about tonight's show was the fact that Debra Messing was there. What does she know about fashion? I don't even remember the specific things she said but they we all annoying. I hate her too.

I'll have more to say tomorrow, but I'm too depressed right now to say anything else.

UPDATE: I listened to Tim Gunn's podcast on the final episode. What is up with Tim kissing Debra Messing's ass? I mean, really? All that woman said was, "What was the theme of your collection?" and "I really thought it flowed."


Dubette said...

I haven't seen the second part of the finale yet, but I generally really liked Chloe's designs on the runway and her collection as they showed it in the first part of the finale. I think Daniel V. did the best job season-long (Santino is talented but needs to work on translating his visions into comfortable wearable outfits for women) but Chloe consistently turned out good designs. And (although again, I haven't seen the collections on the runway yet) Tim was definitely not excited about Daniel's collection as he was with Chloe's when he visited them. Since Santino has been such a prick--they probably were reluctant to reward him for his behavior. That leaves Chloe.

Dop said...

In total agreement. Check out my blog for today. Debra Messing sucks.

femme feral said...


where are you?