Monday, January 30, 2006

Most Wanted

I don't really knit, but if I did I would definately use these glow-in-the-dark knitting needles I saw over at Shiny Shiny. In fact, I would take just about anything that appears on that website. Every since Fluffy showed it to me a few months ago, I have been a huge fan. I don't know who runs that site, but they're geniuses! Pink cellphones and super-mini gameboys and Louis Vuitton ipod cases. Awesome.


jean said...

do they work like glowsticks? like do you have to break them to get them to glow? do you have to put them in the freezer?

SMK said...

Since I just learned how to knit this weekend, those may be my next purchase.... Although the pink razor phone may be higher on my list!