Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stop Saying This

Where did the term "fugly" come from? Can we send it back? Is it supposed to be a short version of "fucking ugly"? Is that what it is supposed to be? Well, I think it sounds stupid. I know, I know, there is that cool website called "Fugly," but I don't care. It is a stupid word and I wish people would stop saying it.

I mean, it's totally unsatisfying. If you see somebody or something that is ugly, does it really make you feel better to say, "Oh, that's fugly"? No. It doesn't. It doesn't make me feel better, I know that. When I see pictures of insanely unattractive outifts, what I really feel like saying is NOT, "Oh that's fugly!" What I really feel like saying--and what I actually mean from the bottom of my heart--is "That's fucking ugly." As in, "Paula, that dress is FUCKING ugly."

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