Friday, November 18, 2005

Finally! Hollywood Makes a Good Movie

The question I asked myself as I left the theater this afternoon was not, "Was Walk the Line a good movie?" Because there was no question. It was a REALLY good movie.

The question I asked myself was, "Who do I have a bigger crush on ... Joaquin or Reese?" On the one hand, his smoking hot performance as Johnny Cash catapults Phoenix to the top of my list of favorite male celebrities. (He is going to be fucking HUGE after this movie.) On the other hand, Reese Witherspoon is so goddamn perfect and adorable as June Carter that I almost couldn't think about Joaquin. Choices, choices.

In any event, you should go see this movie really soon. If you want, I'll go with you. Because I want to see it again like five times.


Karen said...
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Emily said...

So glad to hear it didn't disappoint. It seemed like there was potential for Reese to be hot in this movie. What do we think about her and Ryan? Are they for real? Is he gay? I have to say, he recently moved up a notch in my estimation when I saw he has a full-sleeve tatoo on his right arm. He's no Joaquin, though.

And speaking of hot guys, that Pete Doherty (aka Kate Moss's crazy boyfriend) just keeps getting better and better all the time, doesn't he? Let's see, lately it's come to light that he's a sometimes cross-dresser, and an absentee father to two little tykes. choice.

Emily said...

AND ANOTHER THING...on the subject of hunky guys. I have never particularly fancied Jake Gyllenhal, but I'm going to tell you what, that picture of him in Details with the scarf around his neck is out. standing. I need to get some yarn and start knitting the husband a scarf, stat.

femme feral said...

perhaps we can go see it together because kurt doesn't want to see it.

porkmuffin said...