Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jewel Tells It Like It Is: In My World Anyway

I never really liked Jewel before, but then I read this quote from her interview in Blender Magazine.

"I didn't start drinking until I was 30. I grew up singing for alcoholics, and it never really seemed liked alcohol fixed anything. I was afraid that it would get me. Around 30, I kind of realized that alcohol really does solve all your problems. Whoever said drinking doesn't help lied. You live and learn."

That's right, Jewel. You live and learn. I didn't need to live quite that long to figure out the alcohol thing, but I'm with you. Too bad you are rich, cause another thing that really does solve all your problems is charging a really expensive purse on an almost maxed out credit card. Whoever said that material goods don't help LIED.

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Emily said...

Couldn't agree more. What I would like to say, however, it that whoever told Jewel that those new white cross trainers would solve any of her problems did her a huge disservice.