Monday, May 01, 2006

Why I Hate Myself

This is a true story.

So I'm at Starbucks today and I'm walking back to my table and on my way I pass two people sitting down reading newspapers. The first guy I pass is reading the NY Times--headline: "Deadline Passes with No Accord in Darfur Talks." The second guy is reading some editorial entitled, "Immigration Bill Lobbying."

So I sit down at my table and pick up my "newspaper" (an embarassing tabloid I won't even admit to) and do you know what my headline was? Do you really want to know what my headline was? My headline was:

Kellie Pickler's Dad Reaches Out From Prison

So there you have it folks. This week's edition of "Why I Hate Myself."

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Donny B said...

Is it even more sad that I keep hearing her name and I have no idea who she is?