Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Blue Shoes

I haven't had a really good shoe experience in a long time. Last summer I broke the bank on two pairs of metallic stillettos that I NEVER wore and this fall I bought cowboy boots that I never fully believed in. I haven't actually been in love with any of my shoes since my Uggs in the winter of 2004. So, anyway, today I went to J. Crew--totally not even in the market for shoes--and saw these cute little espadrilles--which I tried on against my better judgement cause I thought they would make my legs look fat--and then it happened. My first shoe orgasm in like two years. You know how it starts?....Like when they bring you the box and you can tell nobody has tried them on yet cause all the wrapping is still there and you have to take the little balled up tissue paper out of the toes? And then you put your feet in them and you can feel the brand new canvas or leather on your feet? And you look in the mirror and your feet not only look smaller, but your legs look skinnier? And then you find out they are also on sale and everything is just perfect! perfect! perfect!? I had SUCH a good shoe day.

(BTW, Does anybody recognize the title of this post from childhood? Did anybody else read that book?)

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Emily said...

Are they really on sale? I need to get to J.Crew STAT, b/c I'm in the market for a pair of wedge espadrilles to go with the BEAUTIFUL wrap dress that Nicole gave me for my b-day...was think something that showed a little more toe, perhaps...but those are really pretty fabulous.

p.s. didn't read New Blue Shoes (was it a tear-jerker?)