Friday, May 26, 2006

Kate Moss Attacks!

Kate Moss went postal on some paparazzi today and we at Bloglisted think that's cool.

As you know, Kate is one of our signature celebrities here at the website. In fact, she is our number one woman. We like her because she is troubled and beautiful. Fashionable and tough. And we like her because she makes big mistakes and bounces back from them. Yeah, she is kind of snotty and rude to people and she doesn't really do anything that might qualify as "giving back to the community" or "making the world a better place." But you could argue that temporarily keeping Pete Doherty out of the dating pool was a service to us all.

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Donny B said...

And taking out some smarmy, useless paparazzi is just one of the many many ways Kate indeed gives back to the community. God bless her.